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Blog Audit

Get your blog assessed and receive a detailed plan of action on how to grow and improve your blog 

Why A Blog Audit Will Grow Your Blog

It's personalised to your needs

You get actionable recommendations that are right for your blog in line with your blog vision

You get comprehensive feedback

Aside from getting an overview of what you can improve on, you get specific feedback as well as tips on how you can make money blogging - if that's what you need help with.

You get clear on how to achieve your blog goals

You're told what specific action steps you can take based on the different areas that have been reviewed so that aside from knowing which areas you can improve on, you gain clarity on what to implement to grow your blog
I booked a blog audit with Izzy Matias and it was one of the best investments I made! Her review was thorough and helped me see plenty of ways to improve and streamline my blog. 

Izzy’s blog audit is an investment worth making for your blog!
Shirsha of
"Izzy put together a most rigorous and complete assessment of my travel website, Découvrir La Vie, for which I am very grateful.

The audit was broken into 8 different subsections which made the document extremely comprehensive and digestible. 

It was brilliant to get an in-depth perspective on my project and from the points that were being raised it was evident to me that Izzy had spent real time deliberating and analysing.

The thing I liked most about the audit is the practicality. 

Each section had many actionable steps (which I have already begun working on just a few days after the audit).

Thank you very much Izzy!"
Saxon Bosworth
"When I booked the Blog Audit, I already had a domain and a blog but I really need more insights and help about monetizing my blog. Izzy audit is very detailed. She gave me some tips to give my blog a better look, know how to get people to download my free opt-in and have a clear idea on how to write blog posts in a strategic way. She also makes you think about social network strategy and give you ideas on how to monetize your blog. Whatever is your challenge, feel free to ask Izzy. It helped me a a lot, and I'm launching my blog very soon."
Léa Di Centa

How the blog audit works

1. Sign the contract and send it back to me.
2. Pay the blog audit fee.
3. Fill-out the blog audit questionnaire.
4. Receive your blog audit results within 1-2 weeks.
5. Optional: Fill-out the testimonial form 

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