How to Start a Money-Making Blog (Your Creative Business) Online Course by Izzy Matias

Do you want to make money blogging?

Imagine all the things you'll do with that extra cash.  

Not only that, but you think of the freedom and control of your time that you can get.

Maybe you even want to become a full-time blogger.

There must be something that money-making blogs have in common and you want to know what it is that sets them apart from other blogs.

But the thing is so many thoughts have been holding you back.

Thoughts like...

  • There are just SO MANY BLOGGING TASKS to consider, so which task do you start with first?
  • Why do a lot of people recommend a self-hosted WordPress blog in order to make money blogging?
  • The struggle is REAL because all that back-end and tech-stuff is intimidating.
  • Can you make your blog look professional?
  • How do you make money blogging?

The list goes on… but this is where I stop you.

It’s time to STOP overthinking and START taking action.

Now is the right time to start an online business with a blog. 

But the difference between a blog that makes money and one that doesn’t is whether or not it is set up strategically and backed with research.

Hi I'm Izzy Matias, a full-time blogger & creative entrepreneur.

 I help content creators start a blog and build it into a creative business.

When I started, I had no clue how to set up a Wordpress blog and how it could even be profitable. Now I blog full-time.

I've been in the blogging industry for more than 10 years and I’m sharing with you the method that helped me set up my blog & biz.

So if you have ever wanted to:⁣

⚡️Set up a creative business (a.k.a. a money-making blog)
⚡️Learn how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog⁣
⚡️Cultivate a business mindset through blogging ⁣
⚡️Find out the different ways you can make money from your blog⁣ (hint: it’s more than just #sponsored posts! there are many ways you can make money with your blog!)

BUT you feel like… ⁣
❄️You don’t know how to start⁣
❄️You’re so overwhelmed with what to prioritize⁣
❄️You’re stuck with indecision ⁣

Then I know just the thing for you.

The How to Start a Money-Making Blog (Your Creative Business) Online Course

17 lessons that show you how to set up a blog strategically and craft your blogging business plan 

Lesson 1

Learn the best way to to approach your blogging journey so that you can prioritise it in your life.

Lesson 2

A successful blog starts with having a solid foundation. You'll learn how to figure out your blogging purpose. 

Lesson 3

Delve into the mindset you need to have in order to succeed as a blogger in order to make money.

Lesson 4

Learn how to handle your doubts and limiting beliefs and reframe them. 

Lesson 5

How to find your niche in line with your blog purpose and backed by research

Lesson 6

The essential tools and resources to build a profitable blog and business

Lesson 7

Discover the different ways you can do market research to validate your niche 

Lesson 8

Find out on how you can choose the right blog & brand name for you.

Lesson 9

Learn what goes into setting up a content strategy that supports your blogging goals.

Lesson 10

No matter how amazing your content is, you have to have a solid promotion strategy to get your content found by your ideal readers.

Lesson 11

Find out the different ways you can make money blogging so that you can map out your monetization strategy.

Lesson 12

Get a step-by-step timeline  on which blogging tasks to do first.

Lesson 13

If you want to build a profitable, sustaining blog, then you have to build your email list. We get into the basics of email marketing and how to set up a personalised email using your domain.

Lesson 14

Get strategic on the way you structure your blog posts in order to guide your readers through a journey plus a cheatsheet so you don't have to forget about what to include in your blog post.

Lesson 15

A step-by-step video walkthrough on how to set up a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

Lesson 16

Create buzz around your blog launch.

Lesson 17

We wrap everything up and talk about your next steps. 

Bonus Masterclass worth $100

Wordpress Basics Masterclass

(worth $100)
A video walkthrough on how to navigate the Wordpress platform. Learn how to install themes, plugins, set up menus, as well as how to prevent spam comments and incorporate SEO-friendly practices so that you get a better understanding of how to use your Wordpress blog.

Get all these lessons (valued at $1000) and the WordPress Basics Masterclass (valued at $100) for only $127!

Plus you get access to all future updates & updates!
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Best Suited For:

  • Beginners 
  • Hobbyists who want to get serious blogging 
  • First-time bloggers
  • Established bloggers who want to create a profitable blog

Most Liked:

  • Organization of Lessons
  • Clarity of Instruction
  • Actionable Steps

What students are saying

"Excellent overview and resources for someone considering beginning a blog – thank you!"
"Thank you so much! I have been thinking about launching a blog to talk about the power of colour to have a happy home and show video of colourful DIY projects. Your tips and explanations helped me to figure out what was my ideal community and build my content strategy. Thank you again. Your classes are well structured and give a realistic representation of the different steps to follow!"
"I have been looking and looking for a class on this and this class is perfect! The content and lessons are great. The workbook is helpful. The pace is not too fast or too slow. THANK YOU!"

So are you ready to build that blog you've been dreaming of?



Who is the class for?

The beginner level class is great for first-time bloggers, hobbyists who want to get serious blogging, established bloggers who want to turn their blog into a business.

Are there refunds?

All sales are final and non-refundable.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course and digital downloads that come with the course as well as future upgrades.

How to Start a Money-Making Blog (Your Creative Business) Online Course